The Delhi Commonwealth Women’s Association


The Delhi Commonwealth Women’s Association was formed in October, 1952. Mrs. J.J.S. Garner (later Lady Garner), Peggy to friends, the wife of the then Deputy High Commissioner for The United Kingdom, invited a number of her friends to coffee and suggested that an association of women be formed with the main aim of fostering social and cultural activities among Indian women and those from the international community residing in Delhi. It was felt that by such an exchange, members would gain a close insight into each other’s lives and the community around them.


Our vision is to be a one stop medical, educational and vocational centre for the less privileged sections of society to build a healthy world.

The Medical Centre 

The DCWA Medical Centre in Zamrudpur, New Delhi is open six days a week, 9 am to 4:30 pm. It provides primary health care and virtually free medical treatment. We have treated more than 4,00,000 patients in the last five years from the less privileged sections of society. All prescribed medicines are free of charge.


Learning Centre


The learning centre started in 1979. Starting with a play center for toddlers, over the years we have added a special needs center, English speaking courses, computer education classes, hospital attendants training program (HATP), basic tailoring classes, beauty courses and more. 

Social Services


Every member of the DCWA is involved in Social Services in as much that the money raised by their subscriptions and by special fund raising activities, goes to help the various charitable institutions and individuals that the DCWA supports.

International Bazar

The International Bazar is the largest annual fund raiser of the DCWA. A substantial amount of funds, required for the running of the Medical Centre, Free pre-school and school  for chlidren with special needs, is generated on this day.

This Bazar is a much awaited event of the year because of the participation of the International Community who works tirelessly with us months ahead of the event. A large number of local entrepreneurs and corporate also participate at the Bazaar.