Community Service

We have always gone out of our way to help all sections of society. The community service efforts include a wide range of initiatives such as counselling, moral support and financial aid to individuals and institutions in need. 


How DCWA Community Welfare is Making a Difference: 


The Subedar Family

All seven members of the Subedar family suffered from an incurable, congenital, terminal illness. As the disease progressed, the muscular degeneration that accompanied it, made even functional movement increasingly difficult. The family had little funds and no source of income. DCWA volunteers helped the family to set up a small ‘kirana’ store that would give them a minimal income. This was supplemented by a monthly allowance from DCWA. Further, we connected them with an organization of Air Force officers that in turn assisted them with more funds. Even though there was little that could be done to stop the onslaught of the disease, through the efforts of DCWA, the family was able to live a life of dignity.


Asha Sadan

Asha Sadan is a rehabilitation house for children of prison inmates, who have nobody to care for them. As part of the efforts, Assisi School is also located on the same campus, in Noida. DCWA regularly supports both the school and the childrens’ house to acquire whatever material or equipment they may need to benefit the children.


St. Michael’s Orphanage

St. Michael’s orphanage and school in Bhogal, New Delhi, is a place for little girls from highly dysfunctional families in lower income groups. Here they get shelter, and education to help overcome their difficult circumstances and to equip them for a better life. DCWA supports this endeavour by means of a monthly donation to the orphanage.