Learning Centre

In the year 1979, DCWA established a dedicated learning centre for the less-privileged as well as the differently-abled. Encompassing numerous learning pathways including early learning and special needs education, the centre  not only educates children and young adults but assures comprehensive personality development.

Primary Learning Centre

The primary learning centre focuses on children in the pre-school age group. Qualified teachers facilitate holistic early development, and the course aims to prepare children for regular school.

The centre has more than 120 children at any given time. It is equipped with dedicated classrooms, a play area and provides children with uniforms, books and a mid-day meal.


Encouraging students to achieve their best, DCWA has helped in fulfilling the dreams of many bright young minds. The organisation offers financial aid to over 200 students every year in an effort to recognise the potential of students who have the desire and ambition to achieve their dreams.


We hold regular classes for school students who come from 1st generation learner households and help them with their course work. Students from Class II to Class X are tutored in all school subjects. The sessions are conducted by well qualified teachers and volunteers.

Special Needs Education

With a dedicated team of special therapists and counsellors, DCWA conducts sessions for children with special needs. Our special needs education programme encompasses sessions for speech therapy, autism, occupational therapy and ADHD. These unique one-to-one sessions not only promote the zeal to learn but also renew the confidence of these children as well as of their parents. 

Your contribution can help secure a child’s future

If you would like to sponsor the education of a bright young mind or help with other expenses, you can get in touch with us at ritukmal@gmail.com, bindutalwar@hotmail.com